Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye poster, Hello replacement poster.

An obviously better choice of a replacement, I might add. Just sayin'...

This is just a sample of what is currently happening in my room right now. I'm changing and adding new things constantly; making my love pad more comfortable and cozy. I need to fix my vanity and makeup table though, it's kind of messy, and there's makeup that needs to be thrown away/brushes that need to be cleaned, all that jazz. And my closet, that's another project to be tackled. I keep adding new things, especially new shoes, and there's just no room for all the shoes I have on my list.
I bought this diffuser last week and I'm down to my last couple incense sticks, so my room smells delish right now. I wish my room wasn't that big-ish so that the diffuser would work a bit better, but I guess it's nice when you walk through the door and smell "fruit passion", yeah? (I really should replace that photo frame, but I've had it forever and it's quirky(ish)..therefore I like it)

Welll now. Less rambling, more sleeping-- off to bed, a day of shopping with Mom is to be had. Sundays are love.

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